Network Attached Storage

NAS RAID is an acronym for a Arrangement Absorbed Accumulator accessory that uses Bombastic Arrangement of Independent Disks to assure you from accident abstracts if an abandoned harder drive in that NAS accessory dies.

Notice I said “when” a harder drive dies instead of “if”. Harder drives are like ablaze bulbs, they may endure an hour or a actor hours. The botheration is that you never apperceive if it will fail; but eventually, they all do.

It is accepted for all of us to try to buy a artefact that costs the atomic bulk of money. Unfortunately, comparing an bargain accumulator accessory that does not apparatus NAS RAID to one that does is like comparing apples to, well, asparagus.

Consolidating your abstracts from assorted computers assimilate a arrangement absorbed accumulator accessory yields you abounding benefits, including the adeptness to added calmly advancement that data.

But just because it is easier to advancement does not beggarly you will. Yes, a acceptable NAS accessory will accept the adeptness to automatically advancement to an online advancement account but that is a affair for addition article.

Even if you do accept your abstracts backed up, if that individual harder drive dies in your accumulator accessory two things will happen:

1.) All abstracts added or afflicted back the endure advancement is lost.

2.) Your arrangement accumulator device, and your abstracts stored there, is bare until you get that harder drive replaced, your NAS reconfigured and running, and accept your abstracts restored. The restore abandoned could yield canicule depending on area the advancement abstracts resides and the abundance of data.

Can you see how affairs a accumulator accessory after NAS RAID can be alarming to your abstracts and your adeptness to admission it if you charge it?

Even again there are assorted levels of RAID aegis that can be active on any arrangement accumulator server. RAID levels 0, 1 and 5 are frequently referred to.

It is CRITICAL to accept that RAID 0 does NOT assure your data. I affectionate of ambition they would not even alarm it RAID lest humans be addled and lose abstracts as a result.

RAID 0 combines assorted disks to anatomy a larger, faster admission abstracts aggregate but it does not accept any back-up about it, appropriately my alternative to not alarm it RAID. If you lose one drive in a RAID 0 array, you will lose data.

Unfortunately, if you buy a arrangement accumulator device, the bell-ringer will acquaint the “size” of the NAS accessory based on a RAID 0 configuration, which about is not even the absence configuration.

It is no admiration so abounding consumers are abashed if they ability up their new 2 terabyte arrangement absorbed accumulator accessory and see that they accept 930 gigabytes of accumulator available! (This is accepted with a 2 terabyte assemblage comprised of two harder disks of one terabyte nominal accumulator each.)

RAID 1 and RAID 5 do assure your abstracts with bombastic harder drives. Often a arrangement accumulator server will accord you assorted options on how to configure the RAID aegis if you accept added than two harder drives installed.

With just two drives, RAID 1 is your alone choice.